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Management consultancy and project management

As a management consultant and experienced project leader, I provide clarity, direction and methodology to projects, teams and organizations, delivering sustainable employee and corporate performance.


Agile working methods allow for innovative, tailored solutions for each client


Benefit from over 15 years of strategic and operational experience


Best practices and insights from previous projects and corporate assignments


Certified systemic business and design thinking coach

Why work with me?
Flora Luginsland Management Consultant

My mission

Enable businesses to increase their organizational effectiveness, efficiency and performance through a modern, tailored approach to management consulting, long-term change and professional project management.

Value Proposition

  • Tailored and holistic management consulting and business coaching enhance and complement your own strategic thought process and decision making to deliver robust solutions that augment organizational performance.

  • Professional project management frees your internal resources and delivers milestones and solutions speedily, reliably and on time whilst keeping key stakeholders engaged and involved.  

  • New systems and strategies can be highly disruptive to your (day-to-day) business. Professional change management ensures smooth, uninterrupted transitions to new processes or models whilst keeping employees focused, engaged and committed.

  • Systematic and informed facilitation ensures conferences run smoothly and professionally; key strategic meetings are designed to effectively solve problems and produce desired outcomes and deliverables.

Flora Luginsland Management Consultant

"Thank you so much for the extraordinary support in our team process. My team and I were impressed by how fast you established a trustful and appreciative relationship with all of us. Your versatile professional experience, your broad methodological capabilities as well as your sharp observation and feedback skills were key ingredients for success. In my professional context, I have rarely come across such a powerful skill set. Thanks to your guidance, we made great progress as a team and understood how to leverage our individual strengths and how to mutually support our personal development journey."

Olaf, Head of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Development

Bayer AG


“Flora supported me in getting a clear structure, set-up and idea of a way forward in a newly initialized global project, which had started under quite challenging conditions.

Flora’s very advanced strategic skills, her ability to keep focus on key topics and her active listening skills allowed us to deliver an outcome which helped me a lot in going forward with the project and in deciding for the right direction for the organization. All in quite a remarkably tight time frame of just 4 weeks. I call this a clear success. I am looking forward to the next topic we can untangle together.”

Hanna, Global Head of Talent Management & Leadership

Henkel AG & Co KgaA


What my clients say

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