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What is the purpose of your company?  

A modern cooperation communicates its' vision (where to?), mission (how?) and purpose (why?). Yet, many companies fail to define purpose as part of their identity and make it tangible for their organisation.  

Companies like Adidas, Lego or Unilever exemplify how purpose and strategy can be intertwined and rooted in corporate identity. 

SilverLining enables you to get there, too.

Click right to see how a purpose-oriented identity and culture impact key business metrics.

Who we are

After every cloud there is a silver lining. We are a strategy and purpose consultancy based in Berlin - your silver lining.

We implant purpose into strategy, communication and leadership - and with that lay the foundation for an agile mindset and collaboration.

In partnership with our clients, we develop customised 
 to increase e.g.

  • innovation power 

  • productivity

  • employee engagement and retention​

  • employer attractiveness

  • overall competitiveness 

How we help

We empower organisations to future-proof their identity and positioning by distilling their true purpose - answering to multi-generational expectations and needs. Jointly, with our clients, we uncover, articulate and embed purpose.

We do that by offering end-to-end expertise from concept development to operational implementationProviding comprehensive change management and communication throughout the process to all your impacted stakeholders. 

Our value proposition:  Jointly with our broad network of subject matter experts we are your one-stop-partner for purpose and change.

How we work

We share the agile mindset of lean startup, design thinking and rapid prototyping. 

Hence, we apply a systematic but agile approach and work in sprints to continuously produce outputs and collect client feedback. 

Who we cater to

SilverLining caters to organisations and individuals who understand benefits of a strong corporate identity as competitive advantage.

We work with

  • C-Level executives

  • Team leaders and members

  • Founders and self-starters

  • Multigenerational teams

Get in touch

We are curious to find out what’s on your mind. 

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