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Feeling the pulse of purpose at the University of Münster

Understanding what today's students expect when it comes purpose and future employment

Interacting with students is always invigorating and refreshing. Their view is pure and unspoiled. They express their opinion without disguise. I like that.

As expected, the 18th edition of "Praxistage" - a well-established dialogue forum between students and industry - brought valuable insights for those of us working at the interface of employers and talents. It took place on May, 17th and 18th at the University of Münster. Over two days, students enjoyed workshops and speeches to discuss, interact and brainstorm with experts from various professional fields and industries.

During my presentation, we discussed the distinction of a company's vision, mission and purpose and reflected its' relevance for applicants. It comes as no surprise that students are attracted by companies whose corporate vision and purpose resonates with their own individual convictions, values and ideas of what a powerful purpose entails. Students expect a company's purpose to be authentic and tangible in day-to-day. Meaning it should manifest itself in the company's strategy, decisions, culture and leadership style.

Our discussion made evident that for this selective group of GenY representatives employer attractiveness is highly influenced by intangible criteria such as perceived coherence with individual values and purpose, rather than financial or health benefits.

Employers seeking to attract graduates should ensure they a) have their corporate values and purpose clearly and authentically defined and b) communicate it in a distinctive and unique matter.


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