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Meaning is the new money

In corporate worlds where up to five generations clash, one topic will remain top of mind for leaders and executives across countries and industries: purpose.

Purpose is larger than any company. It provides a natural cohesion uniting your organisation behind a higher cause and meaning. Purpose has demonstrable positive effects on key business metrics such as e.g. employee motivation and engagement, productivity, retention rates or innovation power. Not to forget its inclusive power across generations - employees from GenZ to baby boomers are equally motivated and driven by finding meaning in their work.

Already 10 years ago, Simon Sinek invigorated our souls with 'start with why'. And ever since, purpose and meaning have become more and more prevalent in corporate and personal thinking. Yet, very little has actually changed when it comes to experiencing, feeling and living a purpose at the workplace.

Source to some of the best studies and white papers available
Meaning is the new money

Bring purpose to life

In 2017, the reputable Harvard Business Review (HBR) published an article about how to bring purpose to life. I recommend reading it on It beautifully illustrates what differentiates companies, which live their purpose in contrast to companies only stating one but failing to make that purpose tangible for their organisations. One effective way of delivering upon the purpose promise it to make strategy the servant rather than the master. Strategies fulfil time-bound, target specific objectives. Purpose, in contrast, is the unique and sustainable essence relevant to the world, your organisation and your employees.

In order to get started, make time - jointly with your fellow senior management- to discover and identify your purpose. If you are well aware of your company purpose, but struggle to make it tangible and experienceable for everyone, think about initiatives and measures to operationalise it. Leadership and corporate culture are principle architects in context of this master plan.

For those who enjoy videos, here are a few words from Simon Sinek

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