About me - 
Flora Isabelle Luginsland

Management consultant with +10 years of international and operational experience across industries

SilverLining is my business.

Depending on project size and focus, we work for you in a team of trusted partners.
e live and work by an appetite for

  1. empathy

  2. clarity

  3. agility

  4. trust

  5. renewal  


For more than 10 years, I have worked in multinationals of different industries leading teams and projects across the globe. 

I witnessed the challenges of instilling trust and purpose to motivate and engage multigenerational teams. From personal experience, I know how lack of purpose and authentic culture affects retention, job satisfaction and engagement.

About the team and network

SilverLining collaborates with a wide network of trusted partners ranging from subject matter experts to reputable organisations. Below you find a selection of them.

We all love to network and are strong advocates of sharing, exchange and connectivity. 

Let me know if you would like to directly exchange and connect with them. 

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Offensive Mittelstand
I am a partner of Offensive Mittelstand and listed as an official business consultant.
Partner to leverage consulting experiences across a wide network
The consulting marketplace - partner for selection of consultants
Movendo Consulting
Partner for leadership development and organisational change
Communication agency - partner for online & offline channel assessment, evaluation, management and growth.
Kröber Kommunikation
Partner for coaching, training and change management
Partner for systemic talent management and co-creative change consulting
Studio Robin Frank
Partner for strong branding and sustainable creative design
IHK zu Düsseldorf
Go-to-partner for industry standards, regulations, corporate education
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