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Joy Inc. - a joyful read about an awesome workplace

If you ever come across a book titled Joy Inc. there is not much else you should do, but buy and read it. Especially if you are leading a company or having managerial influence in one. 

The book describes the journey of Menlo founder Richard Sheridan and his continuous, self-critical and reflective quest to building a workplace people love. 

In a very insightful, humble and ruthless way he shares his personal list of key ingredients needed to establish a place where employees strive, innovate and take on ownership. Richard provides conceptual thoughts on how culture and leadership fundamentally influence and coin the work environment, but he also shares very hands on, operational advice on how to improve alignment, accountability or flexibility within the team.  Reading the book confirmed my personal conviction that purpose-driven, employee-oriented and fun workplaces exist and above all: can be shaped. It is not good riddance. It is not coincidence. 

Great and engaging companies - as we have learned and heard many times- a borne and coined by the mindset, committment and attitude of those leading them.  The first thing backwards-oriented leaders need to start doing is step down from their ivory towers and pick up a copy of this book. By the way, if you think it is not you I am talking about, you can be sure it is. 

Try out for yourself !


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