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After every cloud there's a silver lining

I’m a management consultant and project leader with over 15 years of expertise in organizational excellence and change management.

  • I rally people behind a common cause to achieve results, as well as using co-creation to unite different perspectives.

  • I provide structure to complex situations and disorganized information, converting ambiguity into clarity and transparency.

  • Thanks to my processual and methodological skills I leverage, translate and visualize the expertise of others while focusing on the final deliverable and outcome.

  • I dig below the surface of information, relationships and narratives, communicating with frankness and candor.

  • I believe that robust solutions for specific challenges are found by considering the broader ecosystem and interdependencies of subsystems.

My values
Flora Luginsland Management Consultant


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My professional vita included operational and strategic jobs in HR, Marketing & Sales as well as consulting. Geographically, my career has spanned various countries across the globe, where I've lead teams and managed projects in Brazil, Peru, Japan, UK, France and Switzerland.


To combine a humanistic with an economic school of thought, I complemented my diploma in Psychology from reputable universities in Germany and Spain with a Master in HR Management from a French top tier university. 

I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

I'm passionate about goat cheese and Argentinian wine.

My background
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