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Case studies

The project resulted in:

  1. clarity on ownership for advocacy function top-to-bottom and a clear sense of belonging for the entire A&I tribe

  2. a common guidance on how to work most effectively and with increased impact​

  3. clarity and uniformity in structure and key processes across the organization

  4. increased visibility and impact of key A&I roles​

  5. a common competency framework and options for individual career development​

Benefits and results


A global playbook was defined with ready-to-use recommendations on organization, structure, reporting line and level, role profiles and capabilities while at the same time allowing for local adaptations and adjustments within one common frame.

The client lacks full:

  1. transparency regarding the true organizational size of its’ A&I function

  2. consistency in reporting lines and levels

  3. standardization and harmonization of structure, processes and responsibilities across countries, divisions and brands 

  4. awareness of internal role models and best practices and

  5. commonly defined A&I expert capabilities

Challenge & Pain points

A market leader in the use of Advocacy and Influencer (A&I) Marketing called for a fresh look at its’ organization in order to maintain and extend its’ leadership and competitive advantage.


Additionally, high organizational complexity, differing organizational approaches as well as unequal levels of A&I capabilities across countries and divisions required harmonization and standardization.

Project Context
Organizational strategy and target operating model design for a global FMCG company
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